6 Video Content Ideas for Small Business Owners

When it comes to generating content in general, and especially videos, the first obstacle most businesses run into is what they should create a video about.

Luckily, there are lots of great ideas anyone can use when creating their own video content strategy.

Here are just a few of the many ideas out there which you can use to inspire some creativity of your own:

1. Testimonial
Encourage your clients to be brand advocates by creating video testimonials about your product, or service. They don’t have to be elaborate – even just a minute or two explaining why they love your brand/product/service, how they use it and/or or the impact that it has had. Videos make powerful testimonials as viewers relate to the stories and situations demonstrated.

If you operate from a physical location, you can record a testimonial video at your office, storefront, restaurant, or other establishment. If you don’t, then you can record customers on a visit to them or just encourage them to record and share via dropbox.

2. Explainer (FAQ’s)

An Explainer video is an excellent way to address the most Frequently Asked Questions posed by your clients. Most explainer video scripts present a problem (Joe-Blogs is nutrient-deficient), introduce a solution (Joe-Blogs drinks organic, sugar-free, calorie-free, nutrition rich green smoothie), and then explain how it works (OrganiGreen is all natural…blah blah blah), and drive viewers to action (buy OrganiGreen at your local shoppermarket).

Explainer videos are content that can reach all levels of your target audience. From the new to the existing clientele. Remember to be conversational and have a little fun.

3. How-tos & Tips

How-to videos are relevant to almost any business. Get into the mindset of your target audience and what they would be most interested in learning. Then prepare a list of how-to topics to discuss. For a product-based organisation you might like to create a video that demonstrates how to get the best results from using a product. For a service-based organisation, you could create a video displaying how you perform very basic elements of that service.

Screencasts are a useful creative tool for this purpose as they allow you to record your computer screen and create a simple how-to tutorial. Online screencasts we recommend include: Screenflow, Camtasia and Esvid.

4. Webinars/Hangouts

If your business hosts any webinars or webcasts, whether they are general education about your industry or in-depth demonstrations of your product or service, be sure to record them. Social networks like Google+ now allow you to create live hangouts where you can capture yourself on webcam. You can record these live webcam meetings and upload them to YouTube for all to enjoy.

5. Expert Q & A’s

Not all of your content needs to come from you. You could track down other experts in your field to see if they’d be willing to sit down for a short Q&A video on a related topic. This is a great way of expanding the knowledge base and value your business offers to customers. It also strengthens your brand, positioning your brand as not only an authority in your given field but a thought leader. An example of this might be if you were a business consultant you might interview experts in related business fields such as; marketing, finance, and law. Start by reviewing what your clients really want to know right now and find a person that is suitably matched to discuss the topic.

6. V-logging

Vlogging is an excellent way of adding personality to your brand. If you’re not familiar with the term it simply stands for

Video blogging. It usually entails a person sat in front of a camera talking about a topic – a blog in video format. Use content fromyour blog or newsletter and rewrite it as if you were telling a friend what it’s all about in say 300-500 words.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of video content ideas to choose from, but this is hardly a complete list. We think there is definitely room for more blogs on this topic.

So if you have any suggestions or tools that you use please share in the below comments with us all.

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