95 Social Media Content Ideas for the New Year

6a00d83451bd1369e20120a7b7477c970bSourcing, creating and implementing content to post to all of your social media platforms addition to your website and blog can sometimes be quite time consuming. I have found that compiling an inspirational list motivates me to continuing creating valuable and interesting content.

So to help you kick off your New Year content I have listed 95 content ideas to inspire your social media posting in 2015.

  1. Photography story book
  2. Write an e-book.
  3. Virtual tour of an office
  4. Post about the list of books you plan to read this month/year/decade.
  5. Post a tip on how to make an everyday job easier.
  6. Make a comic, video, or funny ecard to convey a message.
  7. Do a giveaway.
  8. Review a book or product
  9. Interview another professional in your industry
  10. Share a DIY project
  11. Organize something.
  12. Compile a list of your favourite blogs.
  13. Compile a list of  your favourite people to follow on twitter.
  14. Debunk a myth or common misconception.
  15. Ask for advice from your readers.
  16. Do a round up of your best/most popular/most controversial posts ever.
  17. Create a checklist for a specific task.
  18. Ask an interesting question
  19. Compare two similar products of interest to your readers.
  20. Create a “cheat sheet”.
  21. Create a free printable.
  22. Write a “Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me” post.
  23. Rewrite or update an old post and republish it under a new and better title.
  24. Create The Beginner’s Guide to….
  25. Write a letter to your former self
  26. Write Blog post to your future self.
  27. Write a blog post to the next generation.
  28. Do a before and after post.
  29. Share your favourite websites
  30. Post a picture of behind the scenes
  31. Make a prediction about your industry.
  32. Post a link to a blog about a list of trends to watch.
  33. Post benefits of doing something.
  34. Post a joke.
  35. Thank your readers.
  36. Write a series about something you know a lot about.
  37. Share an industry article
  38. Post information about your Associations and memberships
  39. Share your staff background and experience info
  40. Post a Book summary
  41. Post your company Brochures
  42.   Case studies
  43. Certifications
  44. Commercials
  45. Comparisons
  46. Contests
  47. Customer reviews
  48. Data and statistics
  49. E-books
  50. Event information
  51. Spreadsheets
  52. Flyers
  53. Free guides
  54. Frequently Asked Questions
  55. Giveaways
  56. Guest posts
  57. Government regulatory changes
  58. History
  59. How-to guides
  60. Illustrations
  61. Infographics
  62. Interviews
  63. Industry reports
  64. Lists (tips)
  65. Media releases
  66. News (company announcements)
  67. Newsletters
  68. Personal bios
  69. Photo galleries
  70. Photos
  71. Portfolio pieces
  72. PowerPoint or SlideShare presentations
  73. Pricing sheets
  74. Product demos
  75. Product or service information
  76. Q&As
  77. Questionnaires
  78. Quizzes
  79. Quotes and Inspirational messages
  80. Research information
  81. Resource pages
  82. Reviews
  83. ROI calculators
  84. Screenshots
  85. Site tour videos
  86. Surveys
  87. Testimonials
  88. “To do” and “what not to do” articles
  89. Post a list of tips
  90.   Create your own Vlog
  91.   Post a link to videos
  92. Join a new social media site and ask for users to follow you there
  93. Signup to a charity and tell your audience why.
  94. Publish a Q&A interview with a business leader
  95. Discuss lessons learnt

So there you have it. That was our 95 tips for creating content in 2015.

Thank you for reading!

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