27 Content Ideas for your 2016 Social Media Campaign

Sourcing, creating and implementing content to post to all of your social media platforms in addition to your website and blog can sometimes be quite time consuming.

Compiling an inspirational list will take away some of the pain having to continue to create relevant, valuable and interesting content.

So to help you kick off your New Year content calendar we have listed 27 content ideas:

  1. Virtual tour of an office
  2. Review a book or product
  3. Interview another professional in your industry
  4. Create The Beginner’s Guide to….
  5. Show a before and after picture relating to your product/service use
  6. Post a picture of behind the scenes
  7. Make a prediction about your industry.
  8. Post a joke.
  9. Thank your readers.
  10. Write a series about something you know a lot about.
  11. Share an industry article
  12. Post information about your Associations and memberships
  13. Share your staff background and experience info
  14. Post a link to a free copy of your latest E-book
  15. Video your answer to your customers most Frequently Asked Questions
  16. Update your fans with Government regulatory changes
  17. Tell a story on the history of your business
  18. Post a How-to guides
  19. Create and post interesting Infographic
  20. Provide your opinion on the latest Industry reports
  21. Share a PowerPoint or SlideShare presentation
  22. Post a recent customer review.
  23. “To do” and “what not to do” articles
  24. Join a new social media site and ask for users to follow you there
  25. Signup to a charity and tell your audience why.
  26. Publish a Q&A interview with a business leader
  27. Discuss lessons learnt in your business

So there you have it – 27 ideas to inspire your social content in 2016!

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