3 Tips to boost your lead generation efforts on social media

Social media is used for so many things. Today businesses are moving toward the understanding that it is not just a space to brand your business but a tool to listen, engage and nurture relationships with your potential clients.

The trouble is many businesses just don’t know how to do this. This is because the tradition of marketing has been entrenched in the one-way rhetoric form of communication. While social media is a two-way interactive form of communication. Now you see the dilemma clearly!

Let us give you 3 ways you can use social media to boost your lead generation efforts:

  1. Listen, research and frame your prospects:Use social media to build an avatar of your ideal client and to research your prospects before making contact. Discover your prospects’ work history, level of education, hobbies and interests and develop a picture of who they are by looking at their social media accounts and listening to their online conversations. Use this information to then drill down further and adapt your strategy accordingly.
  2. Capture their attention & keep it: If you want to generate leads, you need to capture your prospects’ attention. Whatever platform you are using you must be active, consistent and engaging – people do not want to interact with a brand that purely promotes their wares on social media. Focus on being of value to your audience by sharing new information that aims to inspire, educate, entertain and engage.
  3. Nurture your relationships:Following up with your prospects does not have to involve constantly hounding them via phone or email. A simple sharing of their content on Facebook or a like or comment on LinkedIn will do, allowing your business to remain front of mind without being overbearing.

Well there you have it. That was our recommendation of 3 tips to boost your lead generation efforts on social media.

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