5 New Year 2016 Content Message Ideas

Shhh… Can you hear it? What? It’s the fizzing of the freshly poured champagne bubbling in your glass and happy banter that you aren’t enjoying. Where are you? You have your head stuck in your phone posting New Year’s messages.

Oh that’s right. It’s all because you forgot to plan in advance…

Well no need to stress.. Well not yet. Because you have a bit of time ahead of you to get planning with what you’ll post to your social media accounts as a New Year’s message.

But just in case you don’t we have prepared a few template message for you to post:

  1. Wishing you all happy New Year Celebrations. Let the new beginnings of 2016 signify a new chapter filled with pages of success and happiness.
  2. At this festive time of year, we are grateful for those that have added value to our journey: our clients, staff and business contacts. We wish you all an abundance, happiness, and peace in 2016.  Happy New Year!
  3. Here’s to a happy and prosperousnew year in 2016. Happy New Year Everyone. From all of Us at XYZ
  4. Thank you to all of our customers and fans who have contributed to our success in 2015.  Wishing you all happy New Year celebrations and successful year ahead in 2016.
  5. Best Wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year in 2016

Recommended hashtags: #newyearseve, #happynewyear #NYE2016 #NYE

So there you have it. That was our 5 content ideas for New Year messages for 2016.

We wish all of our happy readers a ‘cork-popping’ new year!

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