Q?Will you be able to write about my business if you don’t have direct experience with my field?

Yes. Sure I’ll need to take some time to become familiar with the particulars of your business, its jargon, and your industry at large, but I don’t see that as a formidable task. I enjoy doing research and will quickly get up to speed. More importantly, regardless of the business you’re in, the same basic marketing principles apply. It’s just a matter of adapting them to your particular situation.

Q?What types of payment do you accept?

We accept payment of invoices via EFT, company checks or through PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can still pay through PayPal using a Visa or MasterCard credit card. I can send you a link that makes the process super easy. Please be aware that PayPal charges a fee of approximately 3%.

If you are based outside the Australia, I cannot accept a check. Payment must be made through PayPal. Prices are determined in Australian dollars and then converted through PayPal into your country’s currency. Please be aware that PayPal charges an international money transfer fee, which is based on your country of origin.

Q?How do you charge?

Our rates are reasonable. As we have small overheads. We quote each project individually. We try to assess the number of hours needed to complete the work and take into account its level of complexity. Our clients, without exception, feel they get excellent value for their money. In addition to great content and first-rate service, they receive the benefits of my marketing expertise and business know-how.

Q?I’ve decided to outsource my social media, why should I hire you?

I have over 15 years professional sales and marketing experience, a BC degree with a double major in Marketing and Public Relations from Curtin University and an MBA. I bring not only social media skills to the table, but also business acumen and marketing know-how. I’ve work for dozen’s of brands and helped them get results. I can do the same for you.

Q?Why should I hire you instead of an SEO, marketing or ad agency?

I have nothing against agencies. In fact, agencies are some of my best clients. However, if the project you’re doing is socially-driven (i.e. consultancy, strategy or training), you’ll probably save a lot by coming directly to me.

Typically, agencies have a high overhead which is reflected in their rates. Plus, most agencies don’t specialise or offer complete solutions in social media. Instead, they outsource to companies like ours and or are so spread across so many forms mediums they are not up to date with the latest changes on each platform.

Q?How do you measure the ROI?

This is a great question and one many struggle with. Do you measure by how many friends you have or how many convert to sales? As always it is time times cost times income over lifetime value of a customer. We spend the time to understand your business and objectives for social media, therefore we are then able to set measurable outcomes.

Our complete management plans offer reporting on a monthly, weekly or daily basis (depending on the tier of your plan), so you can monitor your progress.

Q?Why do I need to use Social Media?

Social Media has changed the way people communicate and search for information before purchasing. People are communicating via social media and have now surpassed the use other types of traditional forms of communication. To reach your audience, then you must engage with them using the methods they use. Currently there are over 55% Australians are actively using social media as one of their tools for communication, these are your potential customers and you need to help them find you.

Q?What do you know of my market?

Most may not know your market, which is why it is important to see if the consultant spends time to understand it before you start paying them. Why would you pay for them to learn after all! See how engaged they are in your market then ask them questions about it to measure how good they will be for you and your company.

Q?Where should I start?

You must have a strategy or your efforts will be ‘adhoc’ and your effort will be wasted or misguided. You need to think about your business holistically and firstly establish what is the ideal buyer persona(best type of customer) from your target audiences . You then need to address how are you going to connect and engage  with them so they see your brand as relevant and interesting and you stay top of mind.

Q?How much does social media cost?

For small organisations if you have little or no marketing budget then the only cost to you is your time, but this can turn into a HUGE cost to your business in terms of missed opportunities and the lifestyle afforded to you. It is often much more cost effective and successful to engage the services of a social media agency to perform social media activities and ensure your online strategy is working to meet your business objectives.

This can often mean the difference between success and failure.

Q?What tools do you use?

There are so many tools out there now and some social media consultants may choose not to reveal the “dark secret” of how and what, which is of course a load of rubbish because all you need to do is Google social media tools and see what comes up. We believe that transparency is key and important in the building of a healthy relationship. Therefore we will happily tell you that we use Hootsuite as our dashboard.

Q?Which social media aspects do you specialise in?

The funny thing with social media is that everyone is an expert, yet no one is. It is still new to us – only dates back around 10 years, which is not a lot on the scale of things. It is not possible for any one person to know all of the social networks. Therefore we never claim to be ‘social media experts’, however we offer and apply sales, marketing and public relations skills to achieve your objectives.

However we are happy to brag that sales, strategy, design, and advertising are the key areas that we specialise in.

Q?How long will it take?

If you get told “We will get you a zillion connections, followers, friends, links” in two months, again, run a mile. Be realistic about the results and make sure the consultant shares your vision. Just ask them the question and see what they say.

Realistically, if you are starting from scratch it may take 6-12 months before you reap the benefits. Particularly as you will need to establish your presence, build a fan-base, develop your online voice, learn effective methods to engage and what will drive conversions.

We liken the process to gardening. You must first prepare the soil, plant the seed, water, water, fertilise and add lots of sunshine. What happens when you forget to water the garden or perhaps fertilise the seed more than usual?